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Summer Tour Dates - Now Available! is delighted to announce details of the band's latest live dates.

July 2008

Saturday 5 July Green Park Tavern, Bath, UK *** FREE ADMISSION ***
Saturday 19 July The D G Party, Bath, UK invitation only
date to be confirmed The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay, UK invitation only

September 2008

Saturday 27 September St James' Wine Vaults, Bath, UK

Tickets available

Click here for details of previous tour dates and unconfirmed appearances


Live Credits

The Band

Margot Chutney: vocals

Shag Fury: keyboards and vocals

Wayne Kranium: bass guitar and vocals

Buzz Muffberger: guitar and vocals

Minty Clinch: drums


Cruise Control featured Babs and Cerise

RockItt appear courtesy of Korma Records

The Crew

Road Manager: Dave Andrews

Keyboard Technician: Richard J Wakeman

Bass Technician: Tony Holdit

Guitar Technician: Chip Highwater

Drum Technician: Evelyn Glennie

Audio Technician: K N Margot

Towel Technician: 'Fluff'

Production and Lighting Design: Ray Charles

Electrician: 'Sparky' McDuff

Best Boy: Rory MacElroy

Head Carpenter: Chippy Minton

Head Carpeter: Bouncy Fleuring

Camerman (1st unit): Steve Groves

Camerman (2nd unit): Tim Mahony

Wardrobe Designer: Kevin Versace

Hair: Supercuts (because we're worth it)

Make-up: Max Factor

Catering: Klives Kosher Kooking van

Security: Big Stan and Bubba

Legal Representation: Mr Patel (Korma Records)

Media and Public Relations: Blousey Brown (Korma Records)

Mr Fury's Executive Personal Assistant (UK and Asia): Boadicea Stiletto

Mr Fury's Executive Personal Make-up Artist and Stylist: Curly Kitt

Corporate Advisors: Barings Bank

Management: Korma Records


Special thanks are due to the following:

Tour programmes designed by DNA

RockItt logo designed by Tom Bagshaw

RockItt backdrop designed by Darren Portch

Personal thanks to the RockItt widows: Lucy, Lisa, Becca, Antonella, Mary, Mungo and Midge Ure

Buzz Muffberger's plectrums are supplied by Tortoise Teeth

Wayne Kranium uses TwertonTM bass guitar strings

Shag Fury uses Fisher Price keyboards

Mr Fury's suits by Matalan

Keyboard programming by IBM, NASA AMES Research Centre and Shag Fury



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