Rap and Roll

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Rap and Roll

Label: Korma Records

Original release date: March 1994

Catalogue number: KRRKT00005

Track Listing:
1. 2 Fingaz Are Better Dan 1
2. Lick My Mother
3. Wham! Rap
4. Phat-Arse-Mother-F
5. Jack Orve
6. Deck At Me Crib
7. Lezza On A Stick
8. Suck Da Barrel
9. Lulla bye-bye

RockItt had already earned a reputation for risk taking but no one expected their 1994 offering Rap and Roll.  The album is a bold attempt to fuse the harmonious rhythms of 1960's rock'n'roll with 1990's gangsta rap.  Shag Fury abandoned his keyboards for the project in favour of the hip-hop techniques of scratching and mixing.  Wayne Kranium raps enthusiastically throughout and The Mule pushes the limits of the sounds available from his guitar to achieve new levels of feedback which were then re-sampled and used to soar above the rest of the clean, sharp sound.  The overall result was perhaps too ambitious and the album was probably way ahead of its time.  Despite the reappearance of Roxy Flange on the cover, Rap and Roll was not popular with the critics or the music buying public and even the bands most loyal following were bemused by the album.


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