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RockItt Biography - part 2: The infamous Leigh Delamere service station concert

Exclusively for online fans of RockItt, we are reproducing excerpts from the soon to be published unauthorised biography about the Shag Fury/Wayne Kranium songwriting partnership... 'Genius or Penis' by Pam Cacophone.

To this day no one can remember how Minty Clinch came to be Rockitt's drummer - least of all Minty.  He does remember that once he had joined the band it was his idea to play a gig at the Leigh Delamere Service Area between junctions 17 and 18 on the M4 motorway in England.  Guitarist The Mule had also just joined the band completing the line-up of this new four-piece powerhouse rock outfit.  The band were keen to showcase the new material that they had all been working on for the previous six months but were faced by two problems.

The first problem was that before they could perform they needed a name.  Minty Clinch came up with the very original name Minty Clinch but this, and the other names that were tossed around, were all discounted.  It was Wayne Kranium who came up with Rockitt which is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word the meaning of which Wayne has consistently refused to reveal.

The second problem was more difficult to solve because, after their gig caused the demolition of The Blue Nun wine bar in Truro, no pub, club or bingo hall would consider allowing them to play.  Minty's idea to play a motorway service area had never been tried before, so the band leapt at the chance.  They knew that it would be impossible to get permission from the relevant authorities and so, after meticulous planning, they descended on Leigh Delamere unannounced and uninvited armed with all their gear and five miles of extension leads.  It was then that the band spotted the bridge that spanned the M4 motorway and inspiration struck again; they had found their stage and a constant, captive audience...

There are conflicting versions of the events that subsequently unfolded.  The band maintain that it was one of the rawest energetic performances that they have ever given.  "The electric 45 minute set certainly surprised the motorists passing underneath" said Shag Fury, "but they seemed to enjoy it".

The police report, which was read out in court, mentioned the band's performance only fleetingly focusing instead on the cause of the accident that ensued.  It stated that "the forty-eight car pile up that occurred directly under the bridge at Leigh Delamere at 9:47pm on Saturday February 6th 1987 was caused by the revolving mirror ball suspended over the motorway whilst the band played above... or more precisely was caused when the aforementioned mirror ball - which was sixteen feet in diameter and internally lit - ceased to be suspended anymore and crashed down onto the carriageway below".  PC Trevor Spasm of Avon and Somerset Police, who was first on the scene, spoke in court:  "We had to cut the power to most of Somerset before we could approach the accused - the lights were that blinding".

The prosecution's case that the band's intent was to maim crumbled under the defense's claim that the band's intent was to entertain.  The case was thrown out of court but Minty Clinch no longer has any say in where the band play their gigs.



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