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Confetti-a-go go

Label: Korma Records

Original release date: July 1990

Catalogue number: KRRKT00003



Track Listing:
1. Does Your Mother Know?
2. Kiss
3. Like A Virgin
4. Sniff My Fingers (choral version)
5. Suppose I'll Have to Marry You Now
6. Have My Baby, Baby
7. Look At My Ring
8. Where's the Clergy?
9. White Wedding
10. Tainted Love
11. D.I.V.O.R.C.E

To celebrate his engagement and forthcoming wedding to Tallulah Ming, Wayne Kranium convinced Shag Fury and the rest of the band to write and record a special wedding themed concept album.  Ming features on the cover of the album as she did on Nun Faux Pas and also sings backing vocals in an innovative cross-pitch style on the specially arranged choral version of 'Sniff My Fingers'.

The album has stood the test of time... unlike the Kranium-Ming marriage which alas only lasted six weeks.


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