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Interview archive

This page contains a selection of interviews from the RockItt archive

Excerpt from Guitar Monthly (May 1999) featuring The Mule

GM: So Mule, how do you...

Mule: It's 'The' Mule. actually.

GM: Sorry.

Mule: That's OK, continue

GM: So, The Mule; how do you achieve your unique guitar sound when playing live with RockItt?

Mule: It's quite simple really.  I use a 32 bit Nanocompressor, SD-1 Super Overdrive, PW-2 Powerdriver, Black and Decker Cordless Screwdriver, CS-3 Compression Sustainer, OD-2R Turbo Overdrive, PH-2 Super Phaser, AC-2 Acoustic Simulator, PS-3 Digital Pitch Shift Delay, Phatman Tube Distortion, 3 band Parametric Pre Amp, MK-2 Tonebender, XP400 Jefferson Reverb, FX-22 Vibro Thang, FX-25 Envelope Filter, FX-75 Stereo Flanger and a Powerboost Overdriver.

GM: Oh.

Excerpt from New Scientist magazine (Feb 1999) with Minty Clinch

NS: As a recent addition to the group, have your original folk-driven roots helped define a new direction for this typically hard-edged rock band, or has a natural equilibrium been reached, fuelled by the shared synthesis of such musically diverse talents ranging from experimental jazz fusion to classical baroque choral restructuring, or what?

MC: What?

Wayne Kranium reveals his pop secrets to Smash Hits magazine (June 1999)

SH: So what goes through your mind just before you go on stage?

WK: Class A drugs! (laughs loudly)

SH: Isn't that sending the wrong message to the kids?

WK: I don't have any.

SH: That's not what I meant...

WK: I know.

SH: I see that your aggressive persona is not just confined to the stage.

WK: You little f.... (the rest of the interview cannot be published following the charges of GBH that Smash Hits brought against Wayne Kranium)

Hello! magazine is invited inside Shag Fury's new mansion in Spain (Sept 1999)

H!: It's great to see you looking so well at the moment Shag.

SF: Thanks.  Life is treating me well at the moment.  I've just moved into this nice little mansion.  I'll take you for a walk around the grounds later - I must show you the trout lake...

H!: That would be wonderful.  I hear that RockItt have just renegotiated their contract with Korma Records for an undisclosed record amount.  Is this true?

SF: Well, seeing that we have just gone quadruple platinum in Chad, the band thought is was time we started to reap the benefits so we had a chat with Mr Patel at Korma Records.  I don't want to say too much about it, but let's just say that the outcome was very successful.

H!: The newspapers had a field-day recently when your accountant proved that Mr Patel had been using the band's bank account to fund his ailing curry house venture, 'Planet Poppadom'...

SF: Errr... would you like tea or coffee?

H!: You were recently holidaying in Switzerland and were seen out partying with such stars as Phil Collins (drummer with a band called Genesis who used to be quite popular in the 1970s) and the bass player from Ace of Bass.  Why were the photographs of you leaving a Swiss fertility clinic purchased from the photographer by Korma Records for a reputedly huge sum?

SF: I think I can hear the phone, will you excuse me?



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