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Buzz Muffberger wins major film award

RockItt guitarist honoured in Best Amateur Short Film (Adult) category 

November 3, 2007 -- Supergroup RockItt are delighted to announce that guitarist Buzz Muffberger has won a top film award.  Keen amateur filmmaker Muffberger won the Golden Reel Award after fighting off stiff competition in the Best Amateur Short Film (Adult) category.  Buzz was presented with the award by movie mogul Sir David Putnam (pictured left with Buzz) at a gala dinner.

"I am absolutely delighted to win", said Muffberger as he greeted an expectant media last night, "this is affirmation and reward for all of the hard work and sacrifice that I've put in to this art form over the years and I'm thrilled".  The short film - Why Hold Back? - met with mixed reviews from critics and has been branded as nothing less than sordid pornography in some quarters.  Muffberger though is defiant.  "That's utter rubbish from people who don't have the slightest idea about art or the creative process", he said.  "Of course there is an awful lot of very hot and steamy sex and, yes, it is very graphically shot at very close quarters.  Make no mistake this is a love story and the nudity is all an absolute requirement to tell the story", he continued.

One of the judges for the award, Ivana Gustav, complimented Buzz on his technical film making ability.  "It's an incredibly well thought out piece", said Miss Gustav, "and tells a passionate story.  I don't want to give the game away but there are many twists and turns and the whole thing comes to a thrilling climax in just 16 minutes.  How Buzz managed to keep his lens so clear with the heat and humidity of the location - not to mention the vast quantities of fluid involved - is testament to his enormous... cinematic ability".

"This is going straight on the wall at home", said a jubilant Buzz as he left the ceremony.



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