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RockItt Idol nears conclusion

Shortlist announced for finale of RockItt's search for new vocalist

December 1, 2007 -- Legendary supergroup RockItt are reporting a huge response to the competition to find their new singer.  After a busy period of auditions, the RockItt Idol competition is nearing its completion and can exclusively reveal the shortlist of hopefuls who hope to win through to take the ultimate prize of becoming the band's new singer.

Members of the Official RockItt Fan Club now have the opportunity to vote in the final showdown as the band make their final selection and to help you decide we have biographies of each of the lucky finalists below.

Margot Chutney

The first of our hopefuls is 23 year old blond stunner Margot Chutney.

Selected for the final by RockItt bass guitarist Wayne Kranium, foxy Margot's bubbly personality and great sense of humour shone through in her audition tape.

"I confess I was immediately intrigued by Ms Chutney's video", said Kranium.  "She has a fantastic, powerful voice with a silky and versatile tone equally suited to a wide range of music from rock to soul.  It was obvious that she can easily cover the whole breadth of the RockItt repertoire".  Wayne wanted to find out more.  "I wanted to know more about her and specifically what kind of show she can put on.  I sought her out personally; we had dinner, consumed vast amounts of champagne to steady her nerves and then she put on a personal show for me.  I can tell you that I really put her through her paces and I was left in no doubt at all about the quality of a Margot Chutney performance".

To vote for Margot click here.

Wally Sprockett

Wally Sprockett secured a place in the grand final following his stirring rendition of the James Brown classic Sex Machine.  Minty Clinch apparently said that he was impressed with Wally's vocal ability and the charisma of his performance but we rather suspect that Wally's rugged good looks may have played a part - shrewd Minty knows that a good looking lad out front never hurts ticket sales.

Wally, who works as a hunky strip-o-gram in the Yorkshire market town of Easingwold, has always enjoyed singing.  He has been mostly restricted to performing in the shower of late.  "I do enjoy the odd warble", said the Yorkshireman.  "I was the vocal artiste in a death metal band a year or so ago but recently I've been concentrating on my dancing.  Naturally, being the lead singer of RockItt would allow me to combine the two so it was an obvious opportunity for me when I saw the announcement of RockItt Idol".

To vote for Wally click here.

Jemima and Tamara Goodhead

It was two for the price of one when gorgeous twins Jemima and Tamara Goodhead applied to the RockItt Idol competition. 

The 19 year old twin sisters hail from the coastal town of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.  They certainly made an impression with the guys in the band in their audition tape.  "We saw something special in them right away" said bassist Wayne Kranium.  "Absolutely", agreed guitarist Buzz Muffberger, "the tape was an interesting teaser and we definitely wanted to see more of the girls - that's why they got my vote to go through". 

Entering the competition was all Tamara's idea apparently: "We're both huge RockItt fans", she said, "and when I heard about RockItt Idol I was in touch with Jemima immediately - we'd just love to front the band and to work closely with the boys..."  Muffberger thinks these two are in with a real chance:  "We didn't anticipate twins applying but they have indicated their eagerness to go the whole way and they certainly have the attributes to make it work out front".

To vote for Jemima and Tamara click here.

Dex Hansom

The last of our finalists is 22 year old Dex Hansom. 

Dex is a virgin olive oil factory worker and part-time model from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the USA and was Shag Fury's pick to make it to the final.  "There's something about him that has that special X-factor", said the keyboard maestro, "I really, really like him".

It has to be said that the rest of the band didn't quite agree...  "I just can't really see someone like Dex as part of RockItt" said bass player Wayne Kranium.  "I mean, he seems like a nice enough chap and everything but RockItt is all about energy, raw sex appeal and good looks and I just can't see some average Joe Schmoe from Oklahoma cutting it...  Vocally he was OK, but I just don't think he has the RockItt look.  Just take a look at the guy - his breasts are bigger than Flame's were", he said referring to former female singer Flame Thrower.   

Buzz Muffberger agreed:  "I agree", the guitarist said.

To vote for Dex click here.



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