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RockItt turn down Glasto!

RockItt sensationally turn down the opportunity to play at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival

April 23, 2007 -- Influential group RockItt have sensationally turned down the opportunity to play at this year's Glastonbury Festival.  The band are on the comeback trail after five years out of the limelight.  Original members Shag Fury (keyboards/vocals), Wayne Kranium (bass) and Minty Clinch (drums) have been joined by vocalist Thor Stingray and guitarist Buzz Muffberger who played together in The Rumpus Boys.

The band split in 2001 at the height of their fame following the mysterious disappearance of guitarist The Mule and Sunday newspaper allegations that a goat was seen leaving the band's suite at the Paradise Palace Hotel, Guatemala.

The band have been in sporadic rehearsals for a few months and sources close to the band say that they feel they are not quite ready for such a high profile gig.  "They have always intended to play a number of small warm up gigs and, if that goes well, to follow up with a European tour" the source said last night.  "When the call came through from Glasto asking if they were available they were first" the source continued.  But the euphoria didn't last long.  "The harsh reality is they are a million miles away from performing live at the moment...".

A spokesperson for the group said: "The band felt that Glastonbury's just too high profile for their first comeback gig, and anyway they had commitments on the date".  When quizzed about the nature of these commitments, the spokesperson stated: "Shag Fury had an important appointment to get his hair cut and Buzz Muffberger was having tea with his Mum".  Our source shed further light: "They were shitting it" he said.

Festival organizer Michael Eavis was said to be very disappointed that the band couldn't make it, but it looks likely that RockItt will make an appearance at the 2008 Festival.


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