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RockItt fly out to São Paulo to support Hamilton

Band to watch Lewis Hamilton in his bid to win the Formula 1 World Championship

October 20, 2007 -- RockItt have today flown out to São Paulo to watch Lewis Hamilton in his bid to win the Formula 1 World Championship.  Hamilton is bidding to be the first driver to win the World Championship in his first season and to be the first Englishman to win the title since Damon Hill in 1996.

The band were invited as guests of Hamilton and enthusiastically accepted the invitation.  "We were delighted and honoured to receive the invitation", said guitarist Buzz Muffberger, "and we re-arranged our rehearsal schedule to accommodate the trip".  The band hadn't actually realised that the invitation was from 'Diddy' David Hamilton and not from the racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

Also, understands that an administrative error by Shag Fury's Personal Assistant (UK and Asia), Boadicea Stiletto, meant that the band headed off on a plane to the tourist resort of São Paulo, Portugal and not to the São Paulo in Brazil where the race is being held.

"There was a minor misunderstanding", said Stiletto, "which meant that the band arrived at the wrong destination.  It's really no problem and they will watch the race live on TV".  Bass guitarist Wayne Kranium was not happy.  "That stupid cow Stiletto has f@*!#d it up again", he said.  Fury himself was less worried.  "I'm not really that bothered to be honest", said the keyboard player, "I don't see the point of watching people go round and round a road in their big noisy cars.  I mean, it's rather childish really", he continued.  "I'm just going to catch a bit of sun and drink some free cocktails.  Of course, though we all wish Lewis well - he's a terrifically good looking boy isn't he?".

Drummer Minty Clinch stayed at home after a late night watching the England rugby team fail in their bid to win back-to-back rugby World Cups.

The band will fly home later today.


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