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Shag Fury

The musical genius behind the group, keyboard player Shag Fury was a founder member of the band. 

Shag's parents met in North Africa.  His English father, Cecil Fury, was an admiral in the Mongolian Navy and his mother was a belly-dancer.  A tragedy meant that they were tragically killed in a tragic plutonium accident when he was a small boy. 

A child prodigy, Shag studied piano from the age of four but found classical music too restrictive for his expansive musical taste.  Shag is also a very talented dancer and trained at the Madame Tapp school of dance in Dijon, France.

At the age of eighteen, Shag discovered cooking and - drawing on experiences from his native Morocco - soon gained a reputation for innovative barbeque cuisine.  His natural charisma came to the fore and he found himself a job as a celebrity chef on the Richard and Judy Show.  However, one of his recipes backfired resulting in Britain's worst ever outbreak of salmonella poisoning.  The producers launched an enquiry as did the British government and, following a resolution in the House of Commons, Shag was sacked from the show.

Shag returned to college looking for a new direction and it was then that he met Wayne Kranium; RockItt and the Fury / Kranium writing partnership were born and the British meat industry breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Born: Marrakesh, Morocco

Birth date: prefer not to say

Star sign: Pisces

Lives: Mansion in Spain



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