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Trumps Game Cards

Make and collect an exclusive RockItt version of the classic card game!

Online fans of RockItt, the legendary supergroup, can now start collecting a version of the classic 'Trumps' card game based on the band.  Fans can collect a new trump card each week exclusively from the RockItt official website.  There will be 30 cards to collect in total and fans of the group are already talking about holding a 'RockItt Trumps World Championship' in 2008, possibly in Chad.

Card number 1:

Shag Fury

Card number 2:

Boadicea Stiletto

Card number 3:

Roxy Flange

Card number 4:

Ovation Deacon

Card number 5:

Thor Stingray

Card number 6:

Nelly the Goat

Card number 7:

Minty Clinch

Instructions for making RockItt Trumps

Making your own personal set of RockItt Trumps couldn't be easier.  Well that's not quite true.  It could be easier, actually, but it is pretty darn easy nonetheless.  You will need:

Printout of the RockItt Trump card(s)

Stiff card - a cereal packet is ideal

PVA wood / paper glue

A pair of round ended scissors

Adobe Reader (it's free and you can get it by clicking on the icon)

Firstly print out a copy of the PDF file for the RockItt Trumps card that you want to make using a computer connected to a printer.  Black and white printouts on normal paper will be OK if you are a cheap-skate, but obviously results will be better if you use a very expensive colour laser printer and glossy photo paper...

Take a piece of stiff card - a cereal packet is ideal, but be sure to use the packaging from a quality cereal manufacturer as supermarket own brands will produce vastly inferior results.  Fold the printout in half around the edge of the card to form a front and back and then stick the printout securely to the card using PVA glue.  Allow to dry thoroughly overnight.  Make sure you don't get any nasty wrinkles and be careful not to stick your hands together or to drink the glue which could cause some minor discomfort.

Finally, take a pair of scissors - round ended scissors are best as you are less likely to stab yourself and die - and carefully trim around the card where indicated.

Repeat this for the remaining 29 cards and in no time at all you have your RockItt Trumps card game completely free.



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