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B C Rich Blaster
Serial # F9802062
Buzz's 1982 Blaster has seen some action but is one of his favourite axes. The Blaster was B C Rich's homage to the Fender Telecaster but with two humbucker pickups. The guitar was made in the US and is in a butterscotch blonde finish with a maple fretboard and chrome hardware. It's Buzz's workhorse guitar and finds favour due to it's great tone and perfect balance.
B C Rich Mockingbird NT
This 2006 Mockingbird is one of the 'neck thru' versions offering unbelievable sustain and great tone. An NJ series (made in Nagoya, Japan), it has a flamed maple deck in black and frankly it's too gorgeous for you to even look at. It has black hardware, diamond inlays on a rosewood fretboard and a Gibson style headstock. It has a black bridge, a black neck, a black nut, black tuning pegs. Everything is black. It's so black in fact that - to quote Douglas Adams - light simply falls into it.
Epiphone PR5E/VS acoustic electric
Serial # 92812101
This 1990 Epiphone PR5E is in classic vintage sunburst. It has a mid depth 15-3/4" body with a sharp cutaway; Epiphone V electronics with 4-band EQ; 1-3/4" nut width; rosewood fretboard with medium-size slotted diamond inlays.
Fender Strat Plus Deluxe (Natural)
Serial # N1009743
Possibly Buzz's favourite Fender guitar, this 1991 Strat Plus has a natural finish over an ash body and weighs in at 9.2lbs. It's perfectly balanced and the rosewood neck is fast and comfortable to play. It still has the factory-fitted Lace Sensor pickups in blue (neck) / gold (middle) / red (bridge) configuration. This guitar has the original LSR roller nut and is as near mint as you get for an instrument of this vintage. For this reason it is rarely seen on stage.
Fender Strat Plus Deluxe (Blueburst)
Serial # N1028313
Often used for live performances and a stalwart in the studio, Buzz's main Strat is a 1991 Strat Plus Deluxe in a stunning trans-blueburst finish. It is a perfectly weighted instrument with blue, gold and red Lace Sensor pickups giving that vintage Fender sound but without the hum! The guitar has a maple fretboard, skunk striped neck and chrome hardware. It features a Fender floating trem system with pop-in type whammy bar; a hipshot trem setting system; TBX tone control and the original Wilkinson roller nut.
Fender Strat Plus (Midnight Wine)
Serial # N1031758
This is a 1992 Fender Strat Plus with three Fender Gold Lace Sensor pickups. Finished in the very rare 'midnight wine' with a maple neck and chrome hardware the guitar features a Fender floating trem system with screw in type whammy bar; a hipshot trem setting system and TBX tone control. The original Wilkinson roller nut has been upgraded to an LSR unit.
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Serial # Z6115512
Buzz's Fender American Series Telecaster is a truly stunning guitar. This Telecaster was made in Corona, California and is in Tobacco Sunburst with a quilted solid maple top and original alder body radius. The maple neck has a rosewood fretboard and rolled edges for playing comfort. Sizzling tones from this Tele come from two open-coil Enforcer humbucker pickups.
Gretsch 'Cat's eye' Streamliner G3161
Serial # KP06010603
This Gretsch G3161 Historic Series hollow body electric guitar is finished in classic Gretsch Orange. This gorgeous guitar features a 16" wide laminated hollow body with cat-eye sound holes; rosewood fingerboard with thumbnail fret markers; tune-o-matic style bridge; chrome hardware; dual humbuckers; single volume & tone controls and a 3-way toggle switch.
Indie Designer 'St George'
Indie guitars are a well kept secret. This one features a solid mahogany body and a hard maple bolt on neck with a rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware. The twin humbuckers provide a huge variety of tone and the build quality is excellent. Buzz shuns Gibson guitars after a particularly traumatic event in his childhood, but this is as close to genuine Les Paul as you get.
Ovation Celebrity CK 047 bowl-back semi-acoustic
Buzz's Ovation semi-acoustic features a mid-depth lyrachord bowl; Ovation Slimline pickup; OP20 preamp with chromatic tuner and 3-band EQ; rosewood fretboard with dot and diamond inlays; walnut bridge; Ovation oakleaf rosette; chrome tuners; a 25-1/4" scale and a single cutaway body.
Ovation Deacon
Serial # E 5844
This Ovation Deacon (an upmarket version of the Ovation Breadwinner) was made in New Hartford, Connecticut in early 1975. The Breadwinners / Deacons were the first mass-produced guitars to carry on-board 'active' circuitry (in this case a FET pre-amp). However, these can be a bit unreliable so Buzz's Deacon has the active components removed.
Peavey Dyna-Bass 4 string
Buzz rarely plays bass, but when he does he uses this Peavey plank. It has a dark brown quilted maple top and slim, fast neck. Buzz enjoys going down and this bass helps him go lower...
Squier 'Jack Daniel's' Strat
Serial # CY20712234
This Squier by Fender Strat is in the livery of one of Buzz's favourite drinks - Jack Daniel's. The guitar is a straight forward Strat with three standard single coil pickups and a suprisingly comfortable and fast playing rosewood fretboard.
This guitar has a metallic blue custom finish with a grey poppy motif on the reverse. It includes a custom built onboard active pre-amp.
This 1984 Vision was Buzz's second guitar (the first was a Kay stratocaster copy which has long since been lost to history). Japanese made and finished in midnight black it features twin humbuckers and a super-smooth rosewood fingerboard. This particular guitar is rarely seen on stage but Buzz still plays it occasionally in the studio.
Yamaha 312 RGX
Serial # 0002157
The Yamaha RGX was Buzz's axe of choice throughout most of the 1990s due to the amazing versatility available from its single coil / single coil / humbucker pick-up configuration. It has a wide rosewood fretboard which helps with Buzz's sausage-like fingers.

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