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RockItt comment on foot and mouth outbreak

Rock outfit talk for first time about the outbreak of foot and mouth

August 7, 2007 -- Legendary supergroup RockItt have made their first official comment since the outbreak of foot and mouth which has hit the United Kingdom.

"The band was very sorry to hear of the news that foot and mouth is once again present in the UK" said a spokesperson for the legendary group.  "Several members of the band experimented in the 80s with the Hindu religion - for which, of course, the cow is sacred - and they are still exceptionally fond of animals", the spokesperson continued.  "Of course we're fond of animals", said the bands keyboard maestro Shag Fury, "we had a Mule in the band for years" he said, referring to the group's former guitarist, The Mule... hopefully.  The band are currently taking a break from rehearsals for their forthcoming European tour.

It is understood that both Fury and drummer Minty Clinch gave up the religion when the band unwittingly signed a contract containing an obligation to eat and promote beef madras for the ailing Indian restaurant chain Planet Poppadom which is owned by Korma Records proprietor Mr Patel.  Despite this the band are still very fond of animals - in fact they have been accused of being rather too fond of one particular goat that was allegedly seen leaving the band's hotel suite in the early hours during their last major tour.

It was a case of foot in mouth for one member of the band though.  Speaking of the recent outbreak, Wayne Kranium reportedly said "I demand to know who is responsible for this.  It's a f@%*!#g disgrace.  I'm f@%*!#g gutted.  I'm very partial to good burger and a milkshake and this is bound to put the flaming prices up."

Udder members of the band were not available for comment.


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