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Baywatch star naked for Shag Fury's 'GROIN'!

David Hasselhoff intimately involved with Shag Fury's 'GROIN' to help promote new Baywatch movie?

August 13, 2007 -- Shag Fury has today announced that he would be willing for former Knight Rider star David 'the Hoff' Hasselhoff to appear in billboard and newspaper advertisements in order to help promote the Hoff's Baywatch movie.  "I was a huge fan of both Knight Rider and of Baywatch when I was younger" revealed the revered RockItt keyboard player.  "The launch of my new fragrance has been fairly successful with minor riots reported as people try to get their hands on my 'GROIN' and I'm very happy for the Hoff to get some free publicity by, for example, appearing naked with my 'GROIN' if it helps him out".

There has been much speculation regarding a new Baywatch movie with reports suggesting that it could be directed by legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg (who has secured the movie rights to the franchise) and include cameo appearances from the likes of Pamela Anderson.  The show was axed in 2001 following disappointing viewing figures.

As well as his acting credits, Hasselhoff also had a hugely successful career as a pop singer - particularly in Germany where he has cult status - and Fury hasn't ruled out the possibility of the Hoff working with RockItt in the future.  "It would be absolutely fantastic if David were able to support us on our forthcoming European tour", said Shag, "but it is important to note that we haven't had any formal discussions with him".  Other members of the band have also commented on the possibility of working with former Baywatch stars: "I'd love to play with Pam [Anderson] or with Carmen Electra", enthused guitarist Buzz Muffberger, "or better still play with both of them at the same time".

With the status in the band of current vocalist Thor Stingray still in doubt, could the band be preparing to unveil Hasselhoff as the new RockItt frontman?  "Unlikely" says Fury through a grin that suggests he knows more than he is letting on.

[picture above right: how 'the Hoff' might look in a 'GROIN' advert]


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