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RockItt Idol latest: CHUTNEY WINS!

Blonde stunner Margot Chutney wins out in finale of RockItt's search for new vocalist

December 14, 2007 -- Supergroup RockItt have announced that Margot Chutney has won the competition to find their new lead singer.  Over 11 million votes were cast in a finale that saw Chutney beat four other contestants to clinch victory in RockItt Idol.  The bubby 23 year old was overcome with emotion when the news was broken to her by bass guitarist Wayne Kranium live on Chad cable channel Oolala TV.   "I just can't believe it", said a moist Margot, "this is a dream come true and I am particularly looking forward to playing with Wayne".

Indeed Chutney and RockItt Idol mentor Kranium have already struck up a firm friendship and Margot is very grateful for the help and advice that Wayne has given her.  "I was very nervous initially - I mean these guys are all huge and who wouldn't be intimidated?", said Chutney (pictured left), "but Wayne has been a real gent.  He's put his arm around me and helped to get the best out of me".  Margot clearly has a lot of admiration for Kranium:  "I've always been very interested in the bass guitar and I've been watching Wayne very closely - his fingering is just amazing and sends shivers down my spine".

It seems that the admiration is mutual and Kranium was the first of the band to comment on RockItt's new vocalist.  "It's true I put a lot in to her in the last few weeks but I said from the off that I can see what huge assets Margot has and I'm delighted that she made it through...she was clearly the class act of the finalists".

Other members of the band were slightly more subdued in their responses.  "I must confess that I was vouching for the Goodhead twins", said Buzz Muffberger.  "They are a lovely pair and I'd been working hard with them; I think they deserved their shot.  But that said Chutney's a smashing lass and I'm sure she'll be a great addition to RockItt", continued the guitarist.

"I'm delighted for Margot and she'll be great as we write a new chapter in the history of RockItt... although I think this has to go down as a surprise", said keyboard maestro Shag Fury, "Wally [Sprockett] was the clear favourite and I thought that Dex Hansom would make more of a showing too".

Drummer Minty Clinch was unavailable for comment.

The public vote was not without controversy.  It appears that only 112 of the more than 11 million votes cast actually counted.  Boadicia Stiletto, Personal Assistant (UK and Asia) for Shag Fury, explained: "It is true that a number of telephone votes were not counted either due to the fact that lines were busy; or because of technical glitches with the telephone systems - which were generously supplied by Chad Telecom; or because fans called in after lines were closed.  It is also true that discs containing details of e-mail votes did go missing in the mail between the band and their management at Korma Records."  It is rumoured that independent telecoms watchdog OfCom are considering an investigation into the telephone votes which were charged at five pounds per call.  "Well... it's expensive to call Chad", said Stiletto.



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