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RockItt play secret Sulis Manor gig

Band kick off the Chutney era with secret gig in honour of Dave Thraves

December 19, 2007 -- Supergroup RockItt were back with a bang on Monday 17 December 2007 playing a special secret gig for Dave Thraves and a select group of loyal fans at Sulis Manor, Bath in the southwest of the UK.  Pictures from the exclusive show have already been uploaded to the photo gallery on

The secret show was announced to Fan Club members only and was held in honour of longterm fan Dave Thraves.  "We're delighted to put on this special show for Dave", said bass player Wayne Kranium ahead of the gig.  "He epitomizes why we're making our come back", he continued.  "Yeah", agreed Minty Clinch, enigmatic drummer with the band.

The supergroup played a storming two hour set - the first time ever that they have appeared on stage with new singer Margot Chutney - and included a number of huge hits in their show.  In true festive tradition the audience was served mulled wine and minced pies during the performance.  Chutney got rave reviews as the filling in the RockItt sandwich.  "She was amazing", said Jayne Knockers, spokesperson for the Official RockItt Fan Club, "it's plain to see that there is real chemistry there - especially between Margot and Wayne Kranium.  She's taken to the band so naturally it's difficult to believe she is so new..."

The band were also pleased with the way that show went.  "It's been a long time coming, but it's great to be back", enthused keyboard player Shag Fury.  "We were a bit rusty but it's great to be back where we belong - in front of our fans", he continue.  Buzz Muffberger agreed: "Wow - that was fantastic", said the guitarist who put in a mixed performance, "what a terrific crowd".

Unfortunately, due to an administrative error, there was a slightly chilly atmosphere at Sulis Manor - there was no heating in the drafty 16th century stately house.  "There was a slight technical hitch with the heating system", explained Boadicia Stiletto, Personal Assistant (UK and Asia) to Mr Fury.  "I couldn't believe it - she's naused it up again ", explained Wayne Kranium, "that daft cow forgot to turn the central heating on..."

The band, though, turned the temperature up as they ripped through track after track to the obvious enjoyment of the fans.  "It's so amazing to have been here for this historic occasion", said Knockers, "they played all of my favourites and this is a night I'll remember for the rest of my life", she continued. 

"I thought it would never end", said guest of honour Thraves.



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