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Wembley tour date cancelled after accident

Keyboard maestro Shag Fury 'recovering well' after freak accident...

January 16, 2008 -- Supergroup RockItt had to cancel one of their European Tour dates on January 16 after keyboard player Shag Fury was involved in a freak accident.  The band are keen to inform fans that Fury's injury is not as serious as first thought and that further Tour dates are not at risk.

During on-tour rehearsals this afternoon, Shag was busy writing performance notes with head bowed when bass player Wayne Kranium unexpectedly turned around to assist singer Margot Chutney with a 'costume issue'.  Kranium's bass made heavy contact with Fury's cranium resulting in a nasty clash.  "I was distraught", said Kranium shortly after the incident.  "That was a brand new bass.  Fortunately there was little damage", he continued.

Guitarist Buzz Muffberger missed the accident but saw the aftermath.  "There was a sense of panic at the time", recalls the guitarist, "with Wayne very concerned about his bass.  Shag had a very ugly gash.  Believe me I've seen a few ugly gashes in my time, and this was right up there.  People were on the phone speaking to paps [the paparazzi], ringing friends, government ministers; someone was ordering a pizza I seem to remember and a call went in to immediately cancel tonight's gig".

In fact, it appears that the Wembley gig may have been cancelled somewhat hastily.  Mr Fury's Personal Assistant (UK and Asia), Boadicea Stiletto, issued the instruction to stop the show as soon as the incident happened thinking that Shag's injury was more serious than it is.  "Mr Fury's hands are insured for a million dollars.  You don't take those kind of risks", said Stiletto.

It is not known how much Shag's head is worth.



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